About Us

Our primary objective is to improve senior care and services in assisted living and other settings.

Education, support, planning, research, and mentorship are the means through which we can help each other achieve the care and services our clients deserve.

Our objective is to share expertise and experience to benefit those we serve.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

The team at Equip Training and Consulting helped us take our company into a new level, their  focus on training and compliance showed us the right way to do things and how be prepared for any situation.

Lori actually took the time to meet with our state auditor and explain in detail how they helped our company to become and stay compliant.

The systems implemented by Equip insured that all employee and resident records are kept current and organized, this really helps with compliance and training. 

It has been my professional experience that Lori Schlosser of Equip is responsive  to her clients needs; knowledgeable of HFS 83 and all applicable regulations and codes. Lori is intelligent and well educated In her ability to provide assistance with regulatory concerns and issues. Lori with Equip is committed to outcome based training, I would highly recommend Lori and Equip to any CBRF or Assisted Living Provider needing assistance with State regulatory issues, Compliance issues or Staff training. Lori is excellent in what she does. 

Brenda Carey-Mielke, BA, CM